For those of you who are fasting for the month of January, the good news is that we are more than half way through the month.  And for those who did a 21 day fast you could be close to the finish line, depending on when you began.  Either way, my prayer is that you have had an opportunity […]

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Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year, This can be an exciting time of the year for many.  It can feel refreshing and new, the opportunity to begin again. For some it can feel overwhelming and it can even feel discouraging.  We can all wonder where did the year go and what did I do with it, what will this next

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Hebrew Year 5774!!!

Greetings to all, Months ago the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart that: “The rest of the year was going to be the best of the year.”  When I heard that in my spirit, I immediately shared it with many of you. Many times we feel that we have a word from God but no evidence of it. 

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Live With Abandon!!!

So, the question that was proposed the last time I wrote was; “What Are You Waiting For?”   What have you been sensing that God is encouraging you to do…..have you begun….have you taken the first step towards that goal?  I saw one friend’s blog and she has begun to write her book. (Not sure that

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