Total Monday Makeover

Greetings Everyone!!!

When is the best time to make a change?  NOW!!!  When is the best time to join our Monday evening calls?  NOW!!!

The Word says that we go from Glory to Glory…..that means that we should be ever changing, evolving, and growing into all God wants us to be.  Do you feel like you’re growing?  Do you feel like you’re being challenged to be a better Christian, a better leader, a better friend, a better parent? There are many things in our lives that we cannot change, however, what we do have control over is who we are, and who we become. We are the ones who dictate our life walk.  Sometimes the reason we get stuck is because we avoid looking at our lives and taking responsibility.  We have sure learned that through the Total Makeover….Actually, it’s the Total Money Makeover, but as you have heard us say, God is calling us to a Total Makeover.

Okay, so here’s a funny….   The GOD funny.  As I was just typing the last sentence I typed Total and then when I began typing Money it wanted to use the word MONDAY……OH MY GOODNESS!!! Monday!!!  We are doing a TOTAL MONDAY MAKEOVER!!!  That’s what Holy Spirit is saying…..every week what He has us doing is using Monday’s to be a TOTAL MONDAY MAKEOVER.  I don’t know about you, but for me, I know there are areas in my life that need a TOTAL MAKEOVER and MONDAY’S, the first day of the week is a great day to focus on God and what He is saying and His direction for my life.  It’s a great day to REFOCUS my energy and RESET my mind on Him and what He has in store for me.  How about you?  Is Monday your day to re-calibrate the direction of your life?  As we said last week it’s the little acts of obedience that add up to GREAT advances in our lives.

Will you join us this week for a TOTAL MONDAY MAKEOVER???   We would love to have you on ANY Monday night! ?

Call in Information for “Pursuing Destiny” Calls:

Time: 7:30pm EST


1)  (515) 739-1285

2)  Access Code: 785211#

Please remember to “Mute” your phone once you are connected.  Thanks!