Our Stories

Our Stories of Healing and Restoration

The authors represented below are friends of Destiny’s Calling Ministries. Their stories are a testament of the healing and restoration available through God.

Diana Lynn Gaddey

Destiny’s Calling

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Annette Delisle

Buried Alive & Survived

In discovering who you were destined to be, this book will challenge you to: Learn techniques to manage stress and your emotions. Understand the dynamics of emotional behavior. Recognize the importance of a support system. To read more and to order>>

Freda N. Smith

The Unexpressed Veil: Finding My Voice

The Unexpressed Veil is a spiritual memoir that captures the very intimate and very candid experiences of the life of a woman who spent many years of her life behind the veil of silence and suffering at the hands of poverty, abuse and depression. To read more and to order>>

Kimberly J. James

Running on G: What’s Filling Your Tank?

Are you one of those people who drive your car until the meter stick is under the E? Have you tested the limits to see how far you can go with the gas light on before you break down? Do you put $10 in the tank, when you know it takes $50 to fill it? I was one of those people. To read more and to order>>

K. Cates

The Golden Thread: A Memoir

K. Cates and her husband, Chad, were an ordinary couple who attended church, enjoyed barbecues with friends on the weekends, and unconditionally loved their two children – until thirty seconds changed their lives forever.  To read more and to order>>

Sterns Wilson

Survival by Faith

Shawn-Ta Sterns Wilson takes you on a journey through her life, generously sharing real-life vivid details of her experiences. It is evident throughout the book that she relied on The Lord Jesus Christ for all of her needs, to get her and her family through tumultuous situations. Although this book is spiritual in nature … To read more and to order>>