What’s Happening

What’s Happening – Update January 2024

As you may know from our website God has called us to build a safe-home/safe-haven, a twelve-month residential program, for girls to young-adult women, that have been rescued from Sex/Human Trafficking.

In January of 2023, we paid cash and closed on 12 acres of land in York County, S.C., just minutes from Charlotte, N.C. It’s hidden and will provide the respite that these young ladies need to heal and be restored, allowing them to rediscover their identity in Christ.

Then, in April 2023, God made available a retail space for our ReSale store in Clover, S.C. The store has been a labor of Love by so many, including our amazing Landlord. We have had an overwhelming outpouring of laborers to make the store what it is!!! It’s Unbelievable and Amazing!!! We COULD NOT have gotten it off the ground without each and every volunteer picking up the torch and running full speed with each task assigned. VOLUNTEERS ROCK!!! Then are there all of those who helped financially. It truly does take a Village to Build a Village of Strong Confident Young Women!!! And you are all making it possible.

I must take a moment and share with you three quick stories. Within the first four days of having the store opened we met two women. The first shared that her daughter is being trafficked and is only one use of Fentanyl away from death. One of the most unfortunate parts of the story is, her mother will never know if she passes because the daughter will not put her mother’s contact information in her phone for fear of what her traffickers will do. The other story is almost identical. The woman’s niece is also being trafficked and is also only one use of Fentanyl away from death. Unfortunately, all too often the two go together.

That was the first FOUR DAYS of being opened. At the four-week mark, we met a woman whose story is the same with one difference. SHE HAS LOST A DAUGHTER to trafficking and Fentanyl and is about to lose a SECOND DAUGHTER. This is real and it’s in our backyard. But we need more awareness. Our biggest challenge is that people don’t know we exist and what our mission is. We need your help in that area. Please spread the word.

So, back to the 12 acres. We just got the city’s approval for our site plan and are currently working with the engineering firm on the infrastructure (that’s water, sewer, roads and parking) and then construction of the first buildings. That’s Huge and very exciting!!! We’re on target to have the home open in September/December of 2024. And we are at 30% of our goal of $1.5million.

Our goal is to have the home, the Worship/Community Center, and the Pavilion built and ready to welcome our first girls before year end. Worship Center, yes! This will give us another stream of income to help support the monthly budget. The budget for the home will easily exceed $450,000 a year. Since the program is at no charge for the residents, it means that your gifts make their healing possible.

We have seen God’s hand every step of the way. There are so many testimonies that we can’t begin to share them all in a year end letter like this. But know this, God has and will continue to bless the work of our hands as we continue to give Him all the Glory.

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Pursuing Destiny Zoom events are held every Monday evening, hosted by Diana Lynn Gaddey.  Each call is biblically based and encompasses women and men from all over the United States.  The evening calls are designed to encourage individuals to grow in their walk with God and to experience multiple facets of leadership development.  Topics include many of the day-to-day elements of life, such as: mentorship, discipleship, life skills, all with a biblical foundation.  Everyone is welcome! Contact us for Zoom information.