What’s Happening

Pursuing Destiny Zoom Events

Pursuing Destiny Zoom events are held every Monday evening, hosted by Diana Lynn Gaddey.  Each call is biblically based and encompasses women and men from all over the United States.  The evening calls are designed to encourage individuals to grow in their walk with God and to experience multiple facets of leadership development.  Topics include many of the day-to-day elements of life, such as: mentorship, discipleship, life skills, all with a biblical foundation.  Everyone is welcome! Contact us for Zoom information.

Life-Changing Retreats

Life-changing retreats have been hosted by Destiny’s Calling Ministries since 2014.  Currently held in Tampa, FL and San Jose, CA, there are plans to expand to venues in Charlotte, NC and Hawaii.  If you want to have a personal encounter with God and to grow personally and spiritually, these retreats are where you need to be.  The events are free to all attendees and provide an intimate time of praise and worship, relevant teaching from the Word of God, and chance to connect with like-minded believers.  Our desire is for each attendee to have a face-to-face, life-changing encounter with the Lord.  We would love for you to join us.  You’ll only be a stranger once, then you are family!!! 

Life Coaching

Mentorship * Life Coaching * Discipleship

  • Are you stuck and not sure how to get from your Dream to your Destiny?
  • Are you wondering if you will ever see your Dreams become reality?
  • Have you ever thought of having a life coach and then talked yourself out of the idea? 
  • Have you ever wished that you had someone that you could talk out your goals, your dreams, your thoughts, and your ideas with? 
  • Have you ever wanted a “Safe Place” where you can share your intimate dreams and desires and know that you aren’t going to be judged or questioned, or thought to be silly? 
  • Have you ever set a goal and then wondered how you were going to achieve it?
  • Have you wondered how to create a strategy or put a plan together to get you to your desired goal?
  • Do you have a ministry inside of you? A business, a book, and you are not sure how to bring it from a vision and desire to a reality?

These are just a few of the questions and scenarios that have been presented to Diana Lynn Gaddey over the years, as she has coached women and men into their destiny.  As a woman of God, a prophetic voice, and a mid-wife, she has the innate ability to help a person move from concept to walking out their God given potential.  The term “treasure hunter” is a great way to describe what she does in her coaching/mentoring process.  Taking what is God’s design and His purpose and with the assistance of Holy Spirit, she is able to draw out the talents, the gifts and the passion of each individual, allowing them to see their full potential.  As a mid-wife, she has the ability to give you the extra strength to push when needed and get you to the finish line.

Life Coaching Certifications

Life Coaching certifications are available.  Classes begin periodically throughout the year and may be held online or in a classroom setting.  Contact DLG Coaching for pricing and specifics.  Our Life Coaching Certification program is designed to grow you as a leader and give you the wisdom and insight to mentor and coach others.