What Cause Are You Standing For?

Greetings DCM Friends,

The month of February is designated as Black History Month. During this month and over the past year, I hope everyone has taken the time to reflect on all that our brothers and sisters in the Black community have offered to the history of America.  We as an organization are so blessed to have women of all colors on our leadership team.  Not only are we blessed as an organization, but we have been blessed individually by serving with our brothers and sisters.  As we come alongside each other we learn from each other.  We share hurts and victories from past and present life circumstances.  We begin to understand what our “Friends” have gone through. 

My questions as we round out this month is this…Who are you walking alongside?…Who are you sharing life with?…Who are you learning from?…Who are you getting to know on a deeper level and who are you helping to impact on a deeper level to make a difference in our world and in our society? 

One person CAN make a difference.  But collectively, WE, YOU AND ME, can make an even greater impact when we work together!!!  It takes a TEAM to rally together to bring change!!!

What team are you on?

What team are you invested in?

What cause are you standing for?

Too many sit back and talk about making a change rather than putting their time, money, and energy into that focus. What’s the phrase?  “Put your money where your mouth is?”

For US at DCM, we stand for the voiceless.  For those that need someone to come alongside them to support and lift them up, to Encourage them so they can Flourish.

Will you join us as we stand for injustices?  Will you join us in making an impact in our world?  Will you join us as we change the world, one step at a time?

Many of you are aware that our focus for the past six and a half years has been primarily to women.  With that being said, our goal is to purchase property on which to build a “home” to help young women who have been trafficked, or are looking for options rather than abortion, or need help with intervention from drug abuse or sex abuse, just to name a few.

We are in the processes of purchasing land where we will build Destiny Girls Home and are close to being able to purchase the land free and clear.  We serve a BIG GOD and are expecting that we will also be able to pay cash for site preparation for the building.  The next step is to raise the funds to purchase the materials for the building itself.  That’s where we need your help. Can you give $12.00 to buy a foot, or $120.00 for a square foot, or maybe even a multiple …$1,200 or $12,000? 

We would love for you to come alongside us to make this dream of helping young women a reality.  If you would consider financially partnering with us or even consider a recurring gift, we would greatly appreciate your support.  Please prayerfully consider helping us.  The link to support us is:  https://www.destinyscalling.com/helping-hands/