Destiny’s Calling

Attitude of Gratitude

Dear DCM Friends, As the winter season is changing to Spring, we pray that you can find an attitude of Gratitude in your day.  Years ago, Oprah encouraged everyone to have a Gratitude Journal.  You’ve heard me mention all of this before.  However, it bears repeating.  Gratitude is the catalyst to seeing movement in the

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Pentecost – 2022

Sunday, June 5th, is Pentecost Sunday…it begins at sundown and will end at sundown on Monday.  I recently heard someone make a prophetic declaration that at Pentecost God gives strategic strategies for the next season.  Are you looking for strategies?  Are you asking God “What’s Next?”  Where do I go from here?  What do you

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A Season of Change

Greetings DCM Friends, I have a very direct, straightforward challenge for us.  A question to get us to think about our priorities.  My challenge, and believe me I am challenging myself, is all about 2 Chronicles 7:14.  So, I am writing the scripture out in a more amplified, message type of way adding more to

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It’s ALL about the ONE!

          Some days do you wonder what are you doing?  Why are you doing what you are doing?  Sometimes we do things because we have always done them.  Or sometimes it is because the Lord gave you direction to do something and you’re continuing on His last directive.  However, there comes a time when it’s

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Following God Takes WORK!

In my years of ministry, it has been obvious that not everyone wants to work for what they want.  That’s where that darn 80/20 rule comes in.  I would venture to say that 20% of the people are willing to work for something they want. While 80% won’t.  There is no scientific data to back

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