Live With Abandon!!!

So, the question that was proposed the last time I wrote was; “What Are You Waiting For?”   What have you been sensing that God is encouraging you to do…..have you begun….have you taken the first step towards that goal?  I saw one friend’s blog and she has begun to write her book. (Not sure that it was initiated from my post but it was great to see someone talking about getting started)   Are you making a game plan, business plan, goal board?  Maybe you are supposed to write a blog and you have hesitated, procrastinated…..Well, there is no better time than NOW!!!    Whatever you are doing I would love to hear from you…..fill me in on your endeavors.  And if you want help “Getting Started” I can do that too…..Sometimes all we need is someone to cheer us on, give us direction on how to begin….Well, I would be glad to be that person…… of the assignments that God has given me is to “help others reach their goals”……so, here I am.

Today I come with my next proposition/question/challenge.  Once you get over the fear and get started with your new journey I have another idea.  That idea is to live life to the fullest.  Take this idea and run with it… with everything that is within you… like the wind……run with no hesitation.  The song that comes to mind is “Live With Abandon!!!” 

Someone once asked me what I would like written on my headstone and what immediately came to my mind was “She made a difference”.  When my days are done, there comes great satisfaction in knowing that you have made a difference, that you have accomplished something that made an impact.  Maybe you only affected one person but in that one person’s life you could have made the difference between life and…..  I sense that if I live life abandoned to all God wants for me and has for me then there will come a breath of satisfaction at the end of my days.

I remember speaking one time in a Monday evening Bible study, and the overwhelming sense came over me to express my heart regarding the day that I enter heaven……I remember saying to the audience that my desire is to slide into heaven with eyelashes flying off….false fingernails going everywhere….weave coming loose (just a figure of speech since I’ve never wore one, but you get the point) or in my case, hair all in disarray saying  “WOW, WHAT A RIDE!!!”

That sensation has come over me many times since and I am always impressed to re-enact that scenario all over again…..Life is short, even if we live to be 100, so make every moment count.  Take advantage of every encounter.  Write your book or your blog.  Start a business, a ministry, or an outreach.  They say the hardest part is getting started …, jump over that hump, take the first step to success, you will be soooo glad you did.  I promise you will never regret it.

Life is short, live it with GUSTO….ENTHUSIASM….ENERGY…EXCITEMENT…..Live It Abandoned….!!!      With Lots of Hugs!!!  Diana

3 thoughts on “Live With Abandon!!!”

  1. Hello Pastor Diana,   Hope you are Fabulous!!!Great blog!  Wanted to let you know that your post was Great encouragement on what I needed to hear this evening.  I have been thinking about changing careers alot lately. I’ve been thinking about doing something involving helping women feel good about themselves physically, emotionally spiritually.  I’ve been praying about this because motivating people and lifting their spirits is a passion I have in my heart.  I always thought I would be working in ministry (meaning church), but I know that ministry is every where. The reason I want to change careers s because I’ve been in the same field for 18 years and I am bored. In the workplace, at home, at school etc.  I thought about being a nutritionist/ personal trainer or working in realestate, nursing.  I’m not sure in which direction or where and how to begin to start this process. Do you have any words of wisdom or any suggestions for me.  If so please let me know. thank you ! Bless you! Love you !!!!!!   Norma


  2. Just thinking This very morning of all are Awesome Moves of God in Bible Study!!! I remember when you came to Fri Morning Bible study at Without Walls, and your first Holy Ghost Hug!

    You made a Difference ….

    I remember that Monday Night Bible study!!!! Thank you! For being you!

    And for Writing this Blog!!!!!

    Can’t wait to see what God does next.

    He’s Awesome……

  3. Tammy Hubschneider

    I think your blog is amazing! You are so positive and energetic and it comes thru. Will recommend to my friends on Facebook.

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