The Heart of Destiny’s Calling Ladies Conference 8.8.2014

The following excerpt was written by Avni Ansari in the hope of capturing the heart of the Destiny’s Calling Ladies Conference.

     “I’m pretty certain every woman that came in for the first annual Destiny’s Calling Ladies Conference had some sort of expectancy as to what the weekend would hold for them. I’m also just as certain that every single woman left with more of Him than they expected. It’s hard to put into words the magnitude of what took place the weekend of August 8-9, 2014 in beautiful Tampa, Florida.

     The ladies started arriving as early as 5:00pm EST on Friday, August 8. Leadership was busy getting the final details in place, yet everyone was so warm and welcoming. The 7:00pm service started promptly with the emcee’s welcoming everyone. They did a quick giveaway of “Diana’s Favorite Things”. Some of the items included index cards, gift cards to Starbucks and Lee Roy Selmons, and a giant paper clip. Why a giant paper clip? “Because a little one just won’t do”, says Diana Lynn.

      Next, Cynda Teachman Harris and the Praise Team led us into the Secret Place. We danced on “God’s Great Dance Floor” and told Him how much our soul longed for His presence. Freedom was evident in the room as one of the members of the Praise Team shared that that day was the first time in three years she sang publicly for God.  God showed us His glory and let His rain fall down on us during our time of worship.

     As Diana Lynn made her way to the front of the room, she asked Dave Harris (husband of Cynda) to join her. Dave and Cynda were celebrating their 33rd wedding anniversary on that day. It was a sacrifice for the Harris’ being at the conference rather than enjoying the night with each other. God rewarded their faithfulness and sacrifice openly. The Holy Spirit ministered to Dave prophetically. What a way to start the service! Diana Lynn spent the rest of the service teaching in a simplistic manner about the Holy Spirit. She explained who He is and what it means to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. She shared her personal testimony on when and how she got “hooked on Jesus” and the power of the living God. The leadership team prayed for those ladies who wanted to be filled with God’s Holy Spirit…and they were filled!

     The first night concluded with the Destiny’s Calling After Party. There was food, fun, and fellowship! There were four fun and interactive “stations” set up for the ladies to participate in:

  • “The Rest of My Life Will Be the Best of My Life” – Create a Bucket List.
  • “Your Blank Canvas Awaits” Dream Boards – Tables were filled with magazines and glue sticks as ladies were able to build their own dream boards.
  • “We Didn’t Realize…” – Ladies had hundreds of alphabet beads to create their own Memory Bracelets.
  • “Dress Up! Get crazy! Say Cheese!!” – Fun and wacky Photos to create memories

     And if that wasn’t enough, those ladies that wanted to be baptized in water got the opportunity to publicly proclaim their commitment to Jesus in the pool.

What an evening!

     The next morning started with the emcee’s doing more giveaways of “Diana’s Favorite Things”. Additionally, everyone in the room received luxurious beauty and skin care samples.  Cynda and the praise team, once again, ushered in the presence of God with great songs as “Our God is Greater”, “He Loves Us”, and “Oceans”. I can still hear their voices…”take me deeper than my feet could ever wander…and my faith will be made stronger…in the presence of my Savior”. In that atmosphere of worship, the Holy Spirit started ministering to the ladies individually as Diana Lynn prayed for the women. The service concluded with a Holy Spirit “Car Wash” prayer line.  The leadership team lined up face to face along the center of the room. As the ladies walked through, each woman was anointed with oil, prayed for, and ministered to.

     It was no coincidence the conference was held at the Double Tree. Diana Lynn explained the revelation God gave her. Tree means “life”.  Double Tree would mean Double “life”.  We all left with a little more “life” in us.”