Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year,

This can be an exciting time of the year for many.  It can feel refreshing and new, the opportunity to begin again. For some it can feel overwhelming and it can even feel discouraging.  We can all wonder where did the year go and what did I do with it, what will this next year hold?  Whatever your experiences have been, or whatever you are feeling, know that God has a plan, and your life is a part of that plan.  God is setting you up for victory and blessings. It may not seem like that now. BUT GOD. 

Today, at noon, I had a reminder come up on my cell phone, this is what it said:  “In the next twelve months things are going to look radically different in all of your lives than they do today”   This prophetic word was given on June 2, 2014, however, TODAY when I read it, it LEAPED OFF THE PAGE in a new, fresh way………….It pierced my Spirit so strongly, that I knew the Holy Spirit was reminding me that these NEXT twelve months are going to bring great changes.  I hear now, “This next year is going to be a MEMORABLE year”.    For each of us that word will have different meanings, however, the one thing we all will have in common is that God is orchestrating the changes.  He is the driver, the Captain of the Ship………we are just the crew……waiting for our orders and directions…..We don’t call the shots, He does. And may I say I am glad HE does……it takes the pressure off of me….. So, sit back and rest in Him to direct your steps for 2015.

Tomorrow we have the opportunity to begin our new year by coming together, via our conference call.  If you have not had a chance to join uswe invite you to listen in and see what our calls are all about.  You don’t have to contribute, you can relax and listen.   So, make a cup of tea or coffee and lets see what God is saying for this next year.  We usually go about an hour. 

My prayer for our calls is that you will be challenged in your walk with God and encouraged in all facets of your life.  I also pray that you would feel the pull to go deeper in your walk with the Lord and be drawn closer to Him.  Because when all is said and done it is, ALL ABOUT HIM!!!   

Join us on Monday’s…….and let’s see what God is up to for 2015.  Click here for more ministry information.

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