This is the day the Lord has made

Greetings Mighty Warriors,

This is the day that the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it!!!

Let’s break that sentence down.  

This IS the day that the Lord has made.  Now, I can’t speak for anyone other than myself, however, for me, I do believe that this day that I just woke up to, God made.  Let’s think on that for a moment.  If we know that He made the heavens and the earth, the sea and the sky, the birds and the animals of the sea, then how can we believe anything less than the fact that He made this day that we are living in?  He’s a Creator and a Designer, so wouldn’t it seem logical that He designed this day?  He orchestrated it, and He planned it.  God is a God of purpose.  He doesn’t do anything without giving it thought.  He isn’t haphazard in His plans.  Nothing gets wasted, so today I think it’s safe to assume, that this day wouldn’t be any different.  This IS the DAY that the LORD HAS MADE!!! 

That takes me to my next thought…….He designed this day specifically for us to live in.  He knew we would be a part of THIS DAY!!!   Otherwise, if He didn’t have a plan for it and for me, then He could have chosen for me to leave this earth and called me home to Heaven, but He didn’t.  So, there must be something that He has for me and for you to accomplish today, wouldn’t you agree?  One time I heard a comedian say: “God must have something for me to do because I woke up on the right side of the grass”.  In other words, I’m alive!! And as long as we are alive, and still have breath in our bodies, we still have purpose!!!  Can anyone say AMEN?!?!?  So, this day, the Lord has made, this day He made for a purpose and with a plan.  He is orchestrating our moves.  The word says that He goes before us and makes the crooked paths straight.  He is behind us and beside us.  He has all positions covered.  Now, if He is covering us on all sides wouldn’t that tell us that He is directing our steps?  

He has a plan; the question is do we know what HIS plan is for us?  Are we seeking Him for the blueprint?  Are we so connected to Him that we are synchronized to His ways?  My husband and I have been married for 33 years, I can’t tell you how many times he will say something, that I literally either thought at the same time he was saying it, or I literally thought it seconds before he said it, and vice versa.  We’ve spent so much “time” together that we think alike.  The same should be true for our relationship with God.  We should have spent so much time with Him that we begin to think alike.  So that just before He says something, we are already thinking it.  The word says in JOHN 15:4-5 4, “Abide in Me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, unless it abides in the vine, neither can you, unless you abide in Me. 5 “I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing.  We need to take a moment to stop and realize that God is a good God and that He has an equally good plan for us.  Just like a husband and wife, or friends, or sisters and brothers, the more we hang with that person the more connected we become and the more we begin to think like them and act like them.  So, if this is the day that the Lord has made, and everything He makes is good, should we wake up every morning, knowing that He made a good thing?   I think so.  

The last part of that statement is: I will rejoice and be glad in it.  If we know that God makes good things then shouldn’t we have a posture that today is a God day, so therefore it is a good day?  The Bible says:  “Life and death is in the power of the tongue”.  If God made this day and He doesn’t make mistakes, then this is the day that He chose for me to live in and I only have one choice and that is to be glad and rejoice in it!!!  It’s pretty simple, there is no other choice, that is if I want to be happy.  I want to see and experience all that God has planned for me this day……..So, I am going to choose life by the words and statements that flow out of my mouth.  This is the day that the Lord has made, I (chose) to rejoice and be glad in it!!!  How about you?

Tomorrow evening is our Monday Zoom (Leadership, Bible study, Mentoring) time.  We hope you will join us.  If you prefer to not be seen, feel free to leave your video off, we don’t mind.  Here is the log-in information.  Hope to see you then!!!


Diana Lynn Gaddey
Destiny’s Calling Ministries