What are you putting your time, energy and money into? 

March has come in like a lion….a mighty rushing wind. A force to be reckoned with.  There’s a spiritual connection for this season and for this month.  God is cleaning house.  The wind is blowing fiercely.  Everything that can stand will stand and that which isn’t strong enough to stand the pressure, will be blown away. What you have done in the past, the foundation you have built, is what you can stand on now.  How’s your foundation looking?  Cracked, withered, unstable?  You still have time to make a course correction change.  It’s not too late, however it will be. 

What’s your time spent on?  The things of this earth that will perish.  The things that you will leave behind to those who really don’t care.  They will sell, throw away, give away. The value you put on those items will no longer be there.  So, today, the question the Lord is asking is: what are you putting your time, energy and money into?