Are We Really Studying the Bible?

The Word says to study to show thyself approved.  So, it always puzzles me that we wait to get to church on Sunday morning to be “served” the word of God.  Or we jump on-line to be taught what the Bible says, rather than diving into it ourselves.  I wonder, have we gotten so comfortable with God that we think it’s okay to have someone else constantly study and teach us?  Have we become so lackadaisical that we think God approves of our casual living, or casual interest in His word.  Someday we may have our Bibles taken away from us.  Someday we may not have TV to listen to, or Pastors or Evangelists on YouTube, and we may have to rely on our memory of Bible verses to keep our spirits up. To hold on to when we have nothing else.  I pray that if that day ever comes, and I hope and pray that it doesn’t that we will have enough knowledge of the word to hold on to.