Destiny’s Calling Gives Back To Oregon

Greetings Everyone,

You may wonder why I always write “Everyone.”  It’s because we not only have gals as a part of this ministry, but we also have husbands/significant others who listen in on our Monday calls.  We welcome them and embrace what God is doing in their life as well.  We always knew that this ministry would be to “Everyone” and God is bringing the gentlemen in.  So, we say “Greetings Everyone.”

I have been meaning to update all of you on our contribution to the young ladies in Oregon.  Here’s how the story went.

One of the ladies was flying home from our San Jose retreat and she met her seat partner on the plane.  She engaged in a conversation with the woman and in the process of their chatting, found out that this gals daughter works for one of the poorest, neediest school districts in the region.  The needs of the families that live in central Oregon is great.  Here’s the need.

“Currently there are 215 students that attend this school from K-12th grade. Most of these kids come from poverty-stricken homes, with a high poverty level at 83% per the school secretary. With these numbers so high it has made a large impact on these student’s daily hygiene and clothing necessities. Some of these homes in the outlining areas, do not even have running water or laundry capabilities. The high school principle even pointed out that a lot of kids are forced to come to school wearing the same clothes all week……….  One appalling situation that I have taken special interest in and am deeply saddened by, is the desperate need for feminine hygiene products. Due to this shortage, teenage girls are not able to attend school when they are on their menstrual cycle because of lack of funds to purchase the necessary products. There are currently 38 girls in need of these products monthly and range from the ages of 12 to 18 years old.”

So, that’s where DCM came in and why I am writing this to all of you.  On one of our Monday calls, I mentioned that we would be sending money to our attendee to purchase some of these needed items for them. We sent them a check for $350.00.  My reason for writing about this now is to share photos of the Amazon order that she placed to bless the girls.  AND another group stepped up and donated even more than what we gave.  The much needed items were purchased from amazon (see picture below).  So, I am throwing it out there.  If anyone else feels inclined to help in this need, and would like to donate to the cause, you may go to, click on Helping Hands, Help Now, and give.  Then email us at to notify us of your donation so that we may earmark it for this fund.  100% of ALL donations will go to this ministry.   I must tell you, I just knew we needed to be a part of God’s work in this place.  This wasn’t “by chance” that our attendee sat next to this gal, it was on purpose.

In an effort to always be transparent, I wanted to take a moment to let you know, if you are giving to this ministry, you can know that your finances are being used wisely.  Thank you for your support.  Lives are being changed because of YOU!!!


Diana Lynn

Destiny’s Calling Ministries