The Drought Is Over!!!

Greetings Everyone,

Below you will find a prophetic word regarding Elijah and the Abundance of rain. Thank you to one of our leaders for posting this on my FB feed. (There’s a second one, we’ll post that next time).

Here we are two weeks later and God, Holy Spirit is STILL speaking about “The Abundance of RAIN”   The Drought is OVER!!!   This isn’t coincidental.  People are prophetically speaking about it across the globe.  It’s not made up.  IT IS a set up by God.  He is desperately trying to communicate with us.  Get us to see Big and Anticipate what this next season has in store for us.

Blessing in God’s world, and ours is Family, Health, Friends, A Great Job.  Those are the areas God is bringing rain and pouring blessings, and financial blessings are coming as well.

Maybe you’d like to have a greater anointing to lay hands on the sick and see them recover.  A greater anointing to pray a prayer and see lives changed, chains broken, captives set free.  Elijah had a tremendous anointing.  When he prayed, God heard and things happened.  Now that’s an anointing.  Maybe that’s your hearts desire.  I pray that as we continue to send these reminders to you of what God has in store for this season, that your faith will continue to be stretched.  That you will begin to believe God for the BIG, whatever that Big looks like in your life.

This is going to be a Great Year!!!  There’s a shaking going on inside of our belief system.  God is trying to get us to believe and see as He believes and sees.

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