He’s Bringing Things into Alignment

Greetings Mighty Warriors!!!…….Yes, that’s YOU!!!

I am trying to keep these emails short in hopes that more people will read them. ?

In the midst of all that’s going on I have a great peace.  I really feel like, in all of this, life is coming back into order. That God is straightening out everything that has been out of balance, that has been totally out of whack. That He’s bringing things into alignment. Re-alignment, if you will.  He’s making all the crooked way straight and that those people that have had their priorities backwards, that God is saying enough is enough. Spend time with your family, so he’s laid people off and closed the doors to many businesses, temporarily.  He’s locked us up in our houses which has reduced our spending.  Because we are overspending. He’s reduced our focus on work because were overworked. He’s reduced everything to bring things back into order, His order.

Secondly, on Wednesday morning at 11:16 am, I had this wake-up moment.  I realized that I haven’t really gotten angry about all that is happening.  I’ve kind of took the attitude that God’s in control and He knows what’s going on and my trust is in Him.  That I will continue to pray, plead the blood of Jesus, read my scriptures and stand on them.  Except at 11:16am on Wednesday I said…..Hell no this isn’t gonna happen on my watch.  I am an intercessor and I am not gonna let this virus back us into a corner and make us cower to this devil.  I AM GONNA STAND UP AS A CHILD OF GOD AND FIGHT BACK.

I think as believers, we are sitting back and we are allowing Satan to control us to the point where we have no more say.  As I sat there that morning, I thought of the retreat that we do in August in Tampa, FL and the retreat that we were going to do in May and I am mad!!! I feel like the enemy is pushing us back and rather than putting our feet in the cement and standing our ground we have allowed the enemy to slow us down, to force us to step back. It’s had me questioning if we should even have a retreat this year, or if we will even be able to have it this year.   And so, that day Wednesday 04.01.2020, I stood up in the spirit and say NO MORE DEVIL!!!  No more pushing us into the corner!!! No more intimidation!!! NO MORE!!!  I am taking back my territory!!! I am standing in my authority as a Blood Bought Child of God and saying, NOT ON MY WATCH!!! NOT AS LONG AS THERE IS BREATHE IN MY BODY!!!  BACK OFF satan!!!  You ain’t got no power over this body, over my family, over our finances, over this ministry!!!  Hasta la Vista Baby!!!  I have drawn a line in the sand and DON’T you DARE step over it.  Momma is made NOW!!!

I’ve attached is a list of 31 scriptures that remind us to not have fear, but to have faith in all that is going on around us.  I hope that you will print these scriptures out and read them and pray them. Pray them over you and yours every day, at least once a day. I am curious; What scriptures are you standing on right now, in the midst of this monumental, life changing, life reorganizing environment?

Life will not be the same.  BUT GUESS WHAT……..IT’S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE!!! This is a wake-up call.  A call to re-organize and get organized!!! It’s a time to get our priorities in order!!!  To focus on the major things in life and let the minor things have less significance.  In the military the Sargent says to the troops: “Fall in.”  He only needs to say TWO WORDS and everyone knows exactly what he means.  That’s’ what we need to say to ourselves and our lives…… “Fall in”   Our lives need to fall in line with the Will of God and the Way of God!!!  If it’s not God’s plan for our lives, then it needs to go, it’s just that simple.  It really is.  If you really take the time to examine God’s ways, they really are very simple.  He doesn’t complicate things, WE DO!!!

I am praying for each of you and your families.  I am praying that we all Will humble ourselves, turn from our selfish, wicked ways, PRAY…….. AND THEN after that God says HE, not man, not a vaccine, not the government, will HEAL OUR LAND!!!  2 Chronicles 7:14 We are expecting man to take care of this, and God is saying HE WILL!!!

Our Pursuing Destiny call is tomorrow evening.  Call-in information is listed below.  Join us at 7:00pm EST for prayer ? if you can!!!

Love to All of you….Peace that surpasses ALL our understanding and BIG, BIG HUGS!!!

Diana Lynn Gaddey
Destiny’s Calling Ministries

PS.  Hope this song encourages you:  https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=waymaker+lyrics&docid=607996957317334731&mid=2ED8F75CD03FD50364D32ED8F75CD03FD50364D3&view=detail&FORM=VIRE