7 Traits of Esther

Greetings Everyone,

This week’s email will be a little different than most, as I feel led to reiterate some of our call from last Monday evening.

This evening at sunset will begin Purim.  Purim is the “celebration” of the Jewish people being set free from Haman’s wrath and annihilation.  Haman had wanted to kill all the Jews and Esther won his favor and saved her people.  We talked about seven traits of Esther and I believe they are worthy of repeating.  If you haven’t read the story lately, I would encourage you to do so.   

Here are the 7 Traits of Esther:

Esther was Obedient.  She followed every direction that Mordecai suggested.  Mordecai was her uncle and she was submissive to his plan.  Because she was obedient and willing to follow every direction that Mordecai gave her, in the end, God prevailed and her people were saved from death.  Side note: Mordecai was, in a sense, her coach.  I sense the Lord is saying that some of you need to align with a coach that will come along side you in this next season with what God is asking you to do.


I wish I could talk about this rather than write it because I think it would be easier to explain.  However, I am going to try my best to share what I sense Holy Spirit is trying to say.  As I was typing Esther’s first trait, I got to the middle of the explanation and sensed a shift in the spirit.  All of a sudden Holy Spirit showed me that Mordecai was Esther’s COACH.  In a world where many are using Life Coaches to navigate their next season, I saw Mordecai as that person for Esther.  I’ve never really seen him as that.  So, as we continue on, looking at the other six traits of Esther, I am compelled to see the story in a different light. 

I am going to continue in a moment.  However, I need to interject what I feel Holy Spirit is saying.  There are some reading this email that God has been talking to you about connecting with a life coach.  You have thought in your intellect, “I don’t need one” or “I don’t have the money.”  Whatever your thoughts have been, I encourage you to go back to the Lord and ask Him to give you clarity.  We’ve heard it said, whatever God orders, He will provide for.  So, if the Lord is saying: “Find a coach”, then let’s be obedient and follow through.  I hear in my spirit: “You Can’t Afford Not To.”  (Let me say this, the coach you find MUST BE GOD ORDAINED for you to see the results that God intends.)

In light of what I’ve just heard in my spirit, I have a greater revelation than I did on Monday evening, with regard to the next six traits:

Esther had FAITH over FEAR.  If we are going to do what God has called us to do, then we must walk in the confidence that God is with us and directing our steps.  Side note:  If you are unclear with what God has for you next, then take the time to “inquire of Him” and receive His direction.  Suggestion: Don’t do anything until you get direction from the Lord.  Be still and wait until you do.

Esther was TEACHABLE.  Everything that Mordecai, her coach, told her to do she did.  Everything that the servants told her to do she did.  She listened, she trusted and she followed their instructions. 

Esther walked in God’s will.  Because Esther knew that this plan was from the Lord she walked in confidence, knowing that the Lord was directing her path and guiding her every move. 

Esther was willing to take a risk by going before the king.  Because Esther was in God’s will she was willing to take the risk and go before the King to fight on behalf of her people.  She walked in confidence and authority, which is something that you have when you know that you are in God’s perfect will.  Know this, it isn’t easy to be obedient, however the rewards are great.  God’s plan is ALWAYS so much better than our plan.  And, if we follow it, we cannot fail.

Esther found her voice and used it.Two years ago at our retreat, the theme was; “Finding Your Voice.”  That prophetic word is just as important today as it was then.  We are to find our voice and use it!!!  There are people who are depending on us.  Family members, friends, co-workers, enemies, that need to be delivered, set free, healed and saved and our intercession may be the very key. In Esther 8:3 “Esther again pleaded with the king, falling at his feet and weeping.  She begged him to put an end to the evil plan of Haman the Agagite, which he had devised against the Jews.” When was the last time that we begged God, that we fell at His feet weeping on behalf of others?  Is God calling you to intercede on behalf of others?

Esther put OTHERS first over herself.   This is the greatest of all of Esther’s traits.  She put EVERYONE else’s life before hers.  I am not saying that you have to be willing to die for others, however I am saying that you must be willing to die for others.  As believers our flesh should be willing to die for others.  When was the last time we sacrificed our flesh on behalf of someone else?  What I mean is, when was the last time we fasted for breakthrough for someone else.  The servants put Esther on a food regimen.  They told her what to eat and when to eat.  Many of us find it hard to skip one meal yet alone many.  Many of us find it hard to fast social time to take time to pray.  Many of us can’t find the time, we’re too busy, and yet we have the time to stop at Starbucks, or wherever for coffee, or we have time to check our FB account.  Maybe those few moments is all God needs to hear our prayers and save one of our family members.  (Trust me, I can waste time with the best of you, so I need to step up my game on this as well.)

Thank you for allowing me to be led by Holy Spirit and to interrupt the flow of this email to convey what I was sensing.  The essence of God’s interruption was to talk to us about the importance of a coach in our lives.  Someone that has our best interest in mind, that has no personal agenda, no ulterior motives.  If God’s been talking to you about this, be obedient (one of Esther’s traits), and find the person God has assigned to be your Mordecai.

Last week Holy Spirit hijacked our call and our conversation.  If we submit to His plan, I believe He might just do it again this week.  Hopefully, you will be able to join us.  The information to call in for each Monday evening is listed below.


Diana Lynn Gaddey

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