Are Your Brakes On?

Destiny Seekers…

It is a GREAT time to be alive and to be serving God.  What an exciting season we are in.  Things are shifting, not only in the spirit realm, but also in the natural.  Change is in the air: anticipate it and expect it.  Even more than that, be in position to be shifted.  In our cars, we have to release the emergency brake in order for the car to move.  It seems to me that in this next season, that is exactly what we must do.  Take off the brake and allow ourselves to be moved, shifted, and repositioned for HIS purpose and HIS plan.  Throw caution to the wind and roll with whatever it is that the Lord has for you in this season.  As the winds of change are blowing, in this season, be available, emotionally, spiritually and physically for the Holy Spirit to alter your plans.  The BIG IS coming, there’s no stopping it.  However, it is your decision whether you dig your natural AND/OR your spiritual feet in the ground and resist or you………..GO WITH IT!!!

Kathryn Kuhlman once asked the Lord why He chose her.  The way I heard the story was that the Lord responded to her by saying: “the first three people I asked said no.”  My prayer for each person reading this is that God will never be able to say that He asked you to do something and you said no. Big is going to happen, it’s just a question whether or not you’ll be a part of it or not……Is the BIG coming to your house???   It’s your decision……  

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