Are You Pregnant? What To Do Next…

Some of you are thinking, but I am not a mother, maybe not in the natural.  However, I am here to say to you, you are in the Spirit.  There are many women and young ladies that YOU WILL impact in your life.  That you will influence to live Godly lives and make a difference.  Do not think for a moment if you haven’t given birth to a baby in the natural, that you never will.  Even though you might not carry a baby for nine months, you can be used by God to help another give birth.   Give birth to a dream or a destiny that is in the womb of another.  Many of you are destined to be a Mid-wife.  The one who makes sure that women who are pregnant with their Spiritual baby (and you are ALL pregnant), carry their babies full term and deliver strong, healthy babies.  You are the person that God “hand selected,” “chose before time,” to “Birth” the next generation of………………., you fill in the blank. 

Today, I call forth ALL of the Mid-wives that are reading this email.  Whether you are reading it because you received it directly from Destiny’s Calling Ministries e-mail, or if this has been forwarded to you from a friend who heard the Holy Spirit speak your name when she read it and knew it was prophetic for you.  Either way, the bible says to stir up the gifts that are inside of you.  So, today I encourage you to lay hands on your tummy and speak life to the dream and destiny that is inside of you.  Pray over that gift that God has placed inside of you and BELIEVE that with you, and God, and your Midwife, that YOU WILL birth the most beautiful baby, destiny, you have ever seen. Even if you haven’t felt a kick or any movement, I promise you the baby is in you and it is waiting for the perfect time.

Who is your Mid-wife???  Who is the person that God has connected you to, to bring forth your baby and make you a Mother to the Nations?  If you don’t know, then I encourage you today to ask God, pray without ceasing, until He shows you the person that you are connected to, who is to be your Mid-wife.  It was never designed that you would do this alone, it has always been God’s design to be a team effort.  Don’t connect to just anyone.  It has to be a divine connection.  God WILL show you. Have patience. 

May you have ears to hear what the Lord is saying today.  Calling forth all of the Mid-wives and the Women of God carrying those beautiful babies.  By this time next year YOU WILL give birth to the most beautiful destiny you could ever imagine. 

More to come!!! 

Happy Mother’s Day!!!
Love YOU and BIG HUGS!!!
Diana Lynn

Mother, Mid-wife, Treasure Hunter!!!