Attitude of Gratitude

Dear DCM Friends,

As the winter season is changing to Spring, we pray that you can find an attitude of Gratitude in your day. 

Years ago, Oprah encouraged everyone to have a Gratitude Journal.  You’ve heard me mention all of this before.  However, it bears repeating.  Gratitude is the catalyst to seeing movement in the situations around you. 

Grump and in the Dumps… not going to move you from Sad and Sappy to Glad and Happy!!!  Do I have your attention???? 

What if, for the next 30 days you focused on finding at least one thing everyday to be grateful for?  Is that too much to ask?  What if at the end of the 30 days situations changed, and you saw a difference in your circumstances, would it be worth your time and the energy you invested?

What if Loved ones got Saved?
What if Your Job situation changed?
What if you found the love of your life?
What if it just brought you more happiness?
What if???

Grab yourself a stack of sticky notes.  (They are $1.25 at Dollar Tree) and PLASTER them ALL OVER YOUR HOUSE!!!  WHO CARES WHAT ANYONE THINKS.  If you want something bad enough, you won’t give a RIP if anyone makes fun of you or questions your SANITY!!!  You’ll be so focused on the GOAL that you’ll find humor when the devil tells you it AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN!!! 

Let’s Build a Boat in the dry season….the season while we are waiting for breakthrough.  How many years did Noah hammer nails into boards to make a boat?  How many years did he have to withstand the ridicule, the snickering every time someone walked by knowing that God had said it was going to rain?  How many sticky notes will you have to plaster, all over your dashboard, your bathroom mirror, your refrigerator before you see the change in your situation…….You May Need Two Stacks!!!  But take the attitude…..LORD – WHATEVER IT TAKES TO SEE BREAKTHROUGH I’LL DO IT!!! I AM BUILDING A BOAT WITH MY WORDS!!!