Pentecost – 2022

Sunday, June 5th, is Pentecost Sunday…it begins at sundown and will end at sundown on Monday. 

I recently heard someone make a prophetic declaration that at Pentecost God gives strategic strategies for the next season. 

Are you looking for strategies?  Are you asking God “What’s Next?”  Where do I go from here?  What do you have for me in this next season?  If you are, then focusing of Pentecost this year is exactly what God is calling you to do in those 24 hours.

How do you do that, you might ask.  Two options are to fast and pray. Maybe you can only do one, and that’s alright.  Maybe all you can do is pray on your lunch hour when normally you’d be eating with friends or running errands. 

The question is…How desperate are you to hear His voice?  To get an answer from Him?  Desperation is the force that drives us to do the unexpected.  To step out of the normal to seek direction and wisdom from Heaven. 

Only God can give us the answers to our questions that will take us into a mode of success that only God can get the credit for.  Only God can bless us Exceedingly.  Only God can give us strategy that puts us into a trajectory of: Above All We Can Ask or Think.  Life without limits and strategies that make your mouth drop in AWE, only God can do.  Success that sustains, only God can do.

Don’t get me wrong, even the devil can give you success. But lasting, joy filled success ONLY comes from God!!! 

So, if you are frustrated, wandering and wondering, is this all there is? Or asking What’s Next? Will you consider stepping into a place that will position you to hear God.  To ask Him for strategies for the next season.  The word says that if we will pursue Him, He will be found.  That’s a promise.