Hooked on Jesus!

Greetings Everyone!!!

If you missed last week’s call you missed an amazing time of prayer.  An amazing time of communing with the Lord.  His presence was tangible even over the phone lines.  That may sound odd, maybe foreign to you.  You may be asking: How can that be?  Let me share a personal experience with you.  When we moved from Michigan to Florida years ago, I was straight-laced, went to a mainstream church, and was a believer in God.  I was raised knowing that God was our provider, knowing that God loved me, and knowing God was a good God.  However, in the spring of 1998 I did a bible study called “Experiencing God; Knowing and Doing the Will of God.”  That Bible study radically changed my life.  I got, what I call: “Hooked on Jesus.”   I was hungry for more of God.  I went from a religion to a passionate, hunger for God.  I went from religion to a relationship with Him.  He was more than the God of my youth.  The Sunday school God that I learned about. He became my Heavenly Father.  With all of that change I became hungry.  I wanted this gift they called praying in tongues.  If God had it, I wanted it.  But I wanted it with a reluctancy. I was still a little unsure. 

Fast forward nine months later when we were living in Wesley Chapel, Florida in an old two bedroom condo that we rented when we first arrived.  I had bought a book called the Tangible Presence of God.  As I said, I was reluctant and hesitant about the gifts of the Holy Spirit, but deep down inside I wanted more.  Well, I begin reading the book.  One night I awoke in the middle of the night.  I got out of bed and went into the second bedroom in hopes that I wouldn’t wake my husband.  I picked up my book and began reading and within minutes I could feel the TANGIBLE PRESENCE OF GOD!!!  I was crying and I could feel power, like an energy in my arms and hands and my legs.  They began to shake.  I had no clue what was going on and what I was to do with what I later learned was God’s Glory.  I wept.  I found out that it was His presence and His power that I was feeling.  I wasn’t afraid, I just didn’t know what I was supposed to do.  It didn’t leave me and the first thing, when I knew it was proper, I called a friend that I had met when we moved.  She was more seasoned in the anointing and glory.  She assured me that all was well and to receive all that God was doing.  That begun my journey and set me on a path of deeper hunger.  Of wanting more of what I then knew was HIS, GODS PRESENCE.  As the word of God says: “To dwell in the house of the Lord forever.”  I wanted more of that peace and power that I had experienced that night. 

Some may have stopped reading this because they are hesitant and unsure of all of this.  It’s crazy to relinquish our power for His power.  To let go of our control and let Him take over control.  We are hesitant of letting go of ourselves, our will and letting God have His will.  Letting God overwhelm us with His Glory.  In His Glory our will dies, and His will is revealed.  People are healed and set free from bondages that have haunted them for years.  God will restore us when we are in His Glory.  God will heal sickness when we are in His presence and in His Glory.

What do you need today?  Healing, restoration, confirmation of your purpose, provision, restoration of relationships?  Whatever it is, God can and will provide.  If we will seek Him, He will be found.  IF we will reach out God is waiting for us.  The woman with the issue of blood needed to “REACH OUT” before she could be healed.  We have to first do something and then HE will do something.  Are you hungry for MORE???  Are you tired of JUST ENOUGH?  Then, push though the busyness and REACH for His Hem!!!  I pray that this ministers to you today!!!! That it leaps in your spirit man and resonates with you!!!  And that you will stop all that you are doing and seek God with everything within you.  I pray that Gods Glory engulf you.  That God wraps His loving arms around you and assures you that everything is going to be okay.  That you will relinquish your control and surrender, giving God total control.  That you will feel and experience His Tangible Presence.  That as you finish reading this that you will feel a peace and a comfort like you have never experienced before.  No matter where you are in your walk with Him there is MORE!!!


Diana Lynn Gaddey

Destiny’s Calling Ministries

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