You ARE Mighty Warriors!

Greetings Mighty Warriors!!!

I mean that……You ARE Mighty Warriors!!!

You have been called for such a time as this!!!

You have been called to war in the heavenlies on behalf of others.  Right now, God is calling for All Hands to be On DECK!!!!  To pray like never before!!!  

About the time you receive this, I will be returning from Washington DC where we attended Billy Graham’s “March 2020” and Jonathan Cahn’s “The Return.”  I will be excited to share our experience and what I am sensing in the Spirit.  

Right now, we are battling Satan for our future, for our nation, for our churches, for our eternity.  Satan wants us to believe that everything is hopeless, that Covid-19 will never go away, that what’s happen racially will never be better, that we will never return back to a normal life again.  It’s all designed so we will throw in the towel and surrender to his darkness for our world.  HOWEVER, that’s not what God says.  God says, if we will pray, then He will hear our prayers and heal our land.  

I believe that this WILL pass and life WILL return to a more normal existence and God is going to show up in the midst of this chaos and bring REVIVAL like none other.  But, we need to pray like never before.  We know the end of the story.  God Wins, Satan loses!!!  That’s how it works. 

Tonight, Sunday, September 27th, begins Yom Kippur, Day of Atonement.  For the Jewish people it is the most holiest day of the year, the most significant and meaningful day of the year.  The day that culminates the past 10 days of repentance.  In the 25 hours of sunset on Sunday to one hour past sundown Monday, it is a time to be introspective and really examine our lives.  It reminds me of I Peter 4:11 that says: “If anyone speaks, he should do it as one speaking the very words of God”.

In these 25 hours, let’s seek God for His Words, His Plan, His Purpose, His Goals, and His Heart for and in our lives.  Let’s live these next 12 months, the Year of Shin, putting His Will before our will.  Let’s focus on the dreams He has for us and His plan for His Kingdom here on earth. 

Tomorrow night we will begin our call with the first thirty minutes focused on prayer.  We are going to do exactly what we say to do and that is PRAY!!!  We are going to Seek Him First and everything else will fall into place.  God first….everything else is second.  Will you join us?  Will you pray with us?  We hope so.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.


Diana Lynn Gaddey
Destiny’s Calling Ministries
Charlotte, NC  28278

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