The Miracle of 21

Greetings Friends and Family,

OMGolly!!!  Do you believe that it is almost New Years? It’s almost 2019!!! Where has the time gone?

What a sad state of affairs when we act like we are taken by surprise that the year is almost over. And then we realize that, in some cases, we haven’t even begun to make a dent in the things we want or wanted to accomplish.  UGH!!!  It’s the reality that there always seems to be more on our list to do than time to accomplish.  However, the reality is that the year is almost over.  Yes, the year is almost over, HOWEVER, the reality is, that it’s not over yet.

Normally this email talks about the chapter we are in or maybe something about the last chapter we studied, however that’s not what’s on my heart to write in this email.  Here’s what I sense Holy Spirit saying to us.

Next week, December 17th will be our last call for this 2018 year.  And then there will be 21 days until we convene again.  Yes, 21!!!  I have never calculated the days between our last call for the year and our first call for the new year.   However, this year I DID!!!   It is exactly 21 days between the two.  That is exactly the days that Daniel fasted for break-through for his nation. That’s NOT a COINCIDENCE!!!  May I say, it surprises me, however it doesn’t surprise me. ?  It’s what we call a “God Set Up.”

Why would God have us in a study at this time, one that we are very aware that whenever Daniel is talked about you can be assured fasting is in the same sentence or at least the same paragraph, the two go hand in hand.  And why would we have a break that perfectly aligns with the Daniel Fast which was 21 days, if it were not a Total Set Up By God!!!

I am confident, that many reading this are thinking, “I can’t fast during the holidays.”  My answer to that is: You can’t, unless you put on your creative thinking cap and open yourself up to God’s system and His desire for you.  Who knows, He may have something completely different in mind for you.  And also, is this life we live, “All about US or All about HIM?”  Ouch, that stung!!!   I love Joyce Meyers’ little robot move that she does when she says: “What About Me? What About Me? What About Me?”  Are we that self-centered, that selfish, that all consumed, that those thoughts can even pop into our minds?  WOW!!!  I believe we are, I know I can be.  I think of cookies, and pies and …….  All the things that I don’t get the rest of the year and cringe at the thought of fasting through it all.  However, I quickly have to correct myself and remember that my Lord is more important than that thing I am fasting, sacrificing.  What a terrible state we exist in when the minute we think of fasting we think of ourselves and deprivation.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we viewed fasting as intimacy with God?  If we saw it as a wonderful opportunity to commune with Him?  A special time of Us and our Father??  Maybe this time will be the last time we look at it as a sacrifice and more as a privilege.  Wouldn’t that be wonderful?  Maybe the 21 days is to regroup and rethink our priorities.  To make a commitment to adjust our schedule to include more of God.  Maybe it’s a time to re-read pages 126-128 and do a true self analysis.  Whatever it may be, I am confident of this, it is NOT A COINCIDENCE that we have exactly 21 days between our last call and out first call of 2019.  God is giving us a Heads Up to get and be prepared for what He has for us in 2019.  I want to do my best to be ready and prepared, do you?

So, the question is.  With the 21 days we have off what will we do with it.   Will we end the year and wish we had used the time more wisely or will we discipline ourselves to Finish The Year STRONG???    My prayer for all of us is that we take this week to ask Holy Spirit what we should do.  That we prepare and open ourselves up to His direction and His leading. So, when the clock begins to count down the 21 days we are ready to begin our adventure. Remember, we always say:  God isn’t trying to take something from us, He’s trying to get something to us.”  I pray we have a shift in our perception of fasting and sacrifice. And last, but definitely not least.  If God can answer Daniel’s prayer in 21 days and save a Nation, what might He do in our lives?  Can you imagine how great New Years will be when God shows up in your situation?